Captain Paige Campbell, RCAF Female Athlete of the Year, goes far taking part in CAF sports

News Article / January 15, 2021

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Royal Canadian Air Force Public Affairs

In her role as Air Combat Systems Officer with 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron, at 19 Wing Comox, British Columbia, Captain Paige Campbell strives “to always be learning, having an open mind and a positive attitude.” She believes this mindset “will take you further than you know. You never know if you will enjoy or excel at something until you try it."

Capt Campbell brings this same point of view to her athletic pursuits as well as her work with the RCAF. She is a two-sport athlete who won two national gold medals in 2019 as captain of the 19 Wing Women’s Volleyball Team, and as a member of the Canada West Women’s Soccer Team. The leadership she exhibits contributed greatly to the success of both teams. 

When she was posted back to 19 Wing in 2019, she rejoined the women’s volleyball team. She served as the setter when they won the CAF women’s national volleyball championship. The pennant for that win is proudly displayed in the trophy case at 19 Wing Comox alongside the tournament’s coveted trophy.

Capt Campbell was awarded the RCAF Female Athlete of the Year to recognize both her commitment to, and success in Canadian Armed Forces sports, as well as her participation and contribution to several civilian sports organizations. 

Being a part of sport in the CAF is important to Capt Campbell. “It is great to reconnect with old friends and to compete at a high level.”

Bravo Zulu, Captain Paige Campbell!

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