Mission and vision of the Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Centre

The RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre (RAWC) is the force behind delivering on innovation, noting that great ideas have no rank, and input must be welcome at all levels. RAWC is the change agent for the RCAF, while 1 and 2 Canadian Air Divisions focus on delivering operations and training. RAWC has been tasked to actively pursue new ideas, concepts, and technologies, thereby developing our collective innovative mindset to generate optimal solutions to our air power needs. RAWC can and must communicate with all levels of command, receive ideas from everywhere and from all ranks and occupations, and develop ideas to their full potential.

— Lieutenant-General A. D. Meinzinger, Commander Royal Canadian Air Force


The Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Centre (RCAF AWC) will ensure the evolution of Canadian air and space power. 


The RCAF AWC will be the engine of transformation that drives the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) from the Air Force of today to the Air Force of tomorrow.


The RCAF AWC will

  1. provide air and space power advice and education
  2. provide a relevant and responsive doctrine-development capability
  3. be the RCAF’s focal point for innovation, concept development and experimentation as well as for the exploitation of the synthetic environment
  4. be a capability enabler in support of operations
  5. be the steward of the RCAF History and Heritage Programme
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