Organization of the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC)

##MCECOPY##RCAF AWC's organization structure

RCAF AWC's organization structure



Air and Space Power Development Centre (ASPDC)

The ASPDC provides a number of services to support Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Centre (RCAF AWC) mandates, including courses, doctrine, concept development, experimentation and innovation. Directed through the Air Staff, these activities align strategic force-development priorities to support RCAF transformation.

Air and Space Integration Programme (ASIP)

ASIP supports RCAF readiness training by providing multidomain technology for use in virtual domains across the air, land, maritime, space and cyber environments. ASIP enables these exercises by possessing the expertise to operationally prepare, leverage and obtain technology to develop and support future capabilities.

414 Electronic Warfare Support (EWS) Squadron


The role of 414 EWS Squadron is to supply responsive electronic warfare support to the CAF by providing threat replication of airborne threats to CAF training exercises, generating libraries for defensive electronic warfare systems used with RCAF platforms and force generating electronic warfare officers and engineers.

434 Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) Squadron


434 OT&E Squadron manages and coordinates the RCAF’s operational test and evaluation activities to address air power challenges of today and the future through the execution of prioritized, command-driven test and evaluation.


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