Royal Canadian Air Force history and heritage

Canada as a country is singularly indebted to aviation, which opened up our North and remains an essential lifeline to many areas of this vast dominion.

From the moment Canadian airmen first flew with the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service, the Royal Canadian Air Force has continuously evolved to meet current and future challenges, resulting in a rich heritage and history.

Services and information

Historic aircraft

List of aircraft used over the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Wing history

History of RCAF wings.

Battle honours

Air Force battle honours include both major and subsidiary battle honours.

RCAF Colours

Colours of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Battle of Britain

Canada’s role in one of the most significant air battles ever.

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

Canada’s leadership in training Allied air force pilots during the War.

Canadian airmen and airwomen in Korea

Canada’s contribution of airmen and airwomen in the Korean war.

Royal Flying Corps Canada

Canada’s first military pilot training program.

Records, research and publications

Historical articles, references and profiles of courage.

Air Reserve history

History of the RCAF Reserve in periods of war and peace.

RCAF museums

List of RCAF museums across the country.

Contact information

8 Wing Trenton
PO Box 1000 Stn Forces
Astra ON  K0K 3W0

We are located in the RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre.


Records of Fallen Canadians

Search death records of Canadians who have lost their lives in military service since 1884.

Canadian Military History Gateway

Search this timeline for sites and digitized resources about Canada's military history.

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