WANTED: Experienced former RCAF members for re-enrollment

The RCAF is actively seeking to re-enroll former members, who were fully trained in their RCAF occupation and who meet the suitability requirements, as skilled applicants.

The RCAF is an important partner in Canadian aviation. Re-enrollees can make an extraordinary contribution to Canada’s air and space capabilities using their previous training and experience, as well as the fresh knowledge and perspectives gained from recent non-military employment.

Opportunities are available to re-enroll into the Regular Force or the RCAF Reserve. While the immediate priority is to re-enroll full-time experienced pilots, other skilled aviation trades are also required.

The Air Force Intake and Liaison Team (AFILT) is a dedicated crew, ready to facilitate the re-enrollment of former experienced personnel into the RCAF. In an effort to reduce waiting times, the AFILT is also working closely with the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group and RCAF career managers to expedite re-enrollment for those who qualify.

Streamlined re-enrollment for skilled applicants

The re-enrollment process has been streamlined for skilled applicants returning to the CAF/RCAF!  For example, the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test and the Trait Self Descriptive Test are not required to re-enroll.

Contact information

For more information on starting the process, please contact the AFILT at or by calling:

  • 1-877-877-2741 (Officer inquiries)
  • 1-866-355-8195 (NCM inquiries)

For general information on joining the Canadian Armed Forces, please visit